Friday, March 22, 2013

Precisionism "Sky light"

On this piece i experienced i believe one of a few milestone achievements. while i was not the most optimistic the intense praise i received while constructing this project was very unexpected and appreciated. from that i started working quite hard and was in the end rewarded with the hanging of my art in the office. i honestly do not think this my favorite piece it being rather plain, however the memories of the work i put in to the rather simplistic yet tedious design helped me to value the effort i placed in this work.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"The Mountain"

This was a bit of a haphazard peice. a spur of the moment thing i applied a layering technique with varying results.a bit of a fluke i like this peices simplicity and rather rusic feel. all in all this peice was refreshing from my usual efforts and styles and is something i hope to develop upon in future work

"The Thaw"

This was a rather interesting peice. the texture is what i love most of this peice being the object of my work, i feel that some thing of this peice was lost with the pen drawing the eye away from the feel of the work to the crude lines that occur throughout it. all in all it is okay but i feel as those some potential was wasted on a learnig experience. throught this work i hope to have learned certain mediums can do little bu conflict in certain circumstances.

"The Passage"

This is my first attempt at creating astyle. it represents a significant step in the right direction for me. i find that line tend to give me the ability to be abstract but with a sense of reason. in this the theme is a way to do things without doing them. the inspiration for this was completly absent  built on by what i hoped it would become. i got my first complement from mr. Brandt from this piece!

pop art "Floral collage"

This piece was for me a lost possibility. the layering process i used yielded an interesting piece that unfortunately while cool was not pop art. in the effort to recreate this piece i lost a unique work that upsets me but makes me understand my own limits and the limitation of the guidelines art may bend to. in other words when its done its done regardless if it is right or not.

Success! "Vantage View"

 This piece was done in my altered book. an experiment of a style i have been working on involving layering paint and choosing a well defined focus. I liked this piece incredibly, as a testament to a successful application of my style and an inspiration for future works. i have to say the picture does the art up close little justice.